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Our Property Management Company assure the property owner's confidence in our ability to properly handle the day-to-day activities and difficulties that arise from the ownership of property. It is our goal to release you from any concerns you would have and any late night calls that may be incurred. We own rental property in the Hamilton-Middletown area and know what details it takes to keep rental properties running smoothly. When you contract CDA Properties you will rest easy and feel secure.

We have been managing property since 1994, from 30 unit apartment buildings to single family homes, as well as managing condo associations. Currently we manage 83 units and manage one condo association. We are a unique team. Not only do we manage the properties but we can repair most problems before we must contact a specialist thus saving you a great deal of expense. If he can't repair the problem, he doesn't charge. We have a team of repairmen that work for us and can handle most any repair. We have several years experience remodeling older homes. We have a history of working with Realtors, banks and equity management companies for all types of repairs to homes or trash outs.

If you contract CDA Properties we will write and place ads in the newspaper for advertising, put up "FOR RENT" signs on the property, take applications and do background checks, show the property to prospective tenants, submit to owners the best applicants. Once tenants are selected and moved in CDA Properties will be the contact point for any questions or repairs. If there is a problem, we will contact the tenant for correction. If an eviction is needed, we will present the tenant with the notice. Collections of rent and bills to be paid are also an option.

We are very flexible, we know how consistent change is and are willing to work with each client on an individual basis. Just let us know what your needs are. We believe open honest communications mean success.

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